K2 - IMPETO Records Launching Podcast

I’m launching a industrial/warehouse techno label: IMPETO Records. I just published the launching podcast of the label recorded by me and including forthcoming tracks on IMPETO and unreleased from Euskalraver, Draag, EIDA, Ike Dusk and Anderson Wings. Give it a listen and if you like it a reblog on Soundcloud would be game-changing!

I also recorded the live-video stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxtUY24gaEc

Oteab Gerg - ‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-’ [UNRELEASED] 18/06/13

Viers - Hyp 135 Mixtape [MIX] 27/06/13

you don’t know shit ‘bout techno muzeek.

Dark Chambers - Flow (Rebekah Remix) [GYNOID] forthcoming Gynoid Audio; 21/06/2013

Viers - 0002 A1 [CHURCH003] forthcoming Church July 8th


Tasha - The Clairvoyants Radio Show (09/06/13)

I want this set played at my funeral.

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit [EMI] 17/06/13

holy shit what a video.

Llesca - Wretch (Rinse FM School Records w/ Klose One) [RADIORIP] 17/03/13

oldie goldie.

Swindle - Long Live The Jazz [DEEPMEDI] forthcoming 16 June 

time for another post. today Deep Medi’s realising Swindle’s debut LP: Long Live The Jazz. Swindle is the crazy ass fuck who went on tour with Mala for his Mala In Cuba live shows, I think he’s also the one who took to the dubstep scene a big  wave of creativity with his 'Do The Jazz' 12”, which was something like true magic. 

recently Mixmag acquired the exclusive to stream the whole LP by Swindle, which, honestly, I found pretty disappointing. maybe I just need to listen to it a little more, but, you know, ‘Do The Jazz’ was something that after listenened made you scream “holy fucking shit THAT is something big!”, the LP in its entirety hasn’t that “wow” effect. 

obviously, for the whole dubstep scene everything Swindle makes is pure gold, but compared to his precedents productions the whole album it’s not that innovative. maybe I would have left the more dubbish sounds and focused on the whole jazzy work, which for Swindle is just perfect (indeed I think that live the whole production gain something like plus one million rainbowjizzing points). so now I really hope to see Swindle live, because if he can be a semidivine stage-monster just as he did while in tour with Cuba, then my judgement on “Long Live The Jazz” will obviously change. greetings.